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PINNACLE BIOMED PVT. LTD. has a full-fledged warehouse facility at Bhiwandi. Our state of the art storage facility at multiple locations spread all over India, enables us to conveniently store, stock and manage large consignments of surgical consumable and healthcare products. We strictly follow international storage operating processes. Dedicated cold storage areas with real time temperature monitoring systems and we make sure that the storage area is always maintained and remains completely sterilized & dust free.

Being an all India importer, PINNACLE satisfies two very important factors when it comes to warehousing and storing surgical consumable and healthcare products. The first being the area & other is the delivery action time. As far as area is concerned, PINNACLE owns over 3000 sq ft of storage area and we also have a storage team that is trained and skilled to handle medical products and keep track of day to day supplies used for orders at a national level.
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