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PINNACLE considers its employees as top priority. We take full responsibility to ensure that all our employees grow and develop both professionally and personally. We are aware that surgical Device & Pharmaceutical Distribution is a dynamic and challenging field hence Pinnacle makes sure that all its employees are trained by experts to face the demands of the global markets.

At PINNACLE, we acknowledge that every employee plays an important role in the success of the organization. We strive together as one team and commit ourselves to affecting lives positively.

Our various departments :


The department comprises of skillful, knowledgeable & spirited individuals with an average sales & marketing experience of 15 years, coming from diversified industries. They also possess managerial skills and are capable of handling entire projects from the initial stages, planning to later more dynamic stages of growth and development.


This department comprises of a specialized and expert team of personnel who deal with the Army, Navy, State Government and Central Government bodies. Their core competency is dealing with hospital tenders.


Team in this department is instrumental in vastly transforming the employees through extensive result oriented training programs. They introduce PINNACLE’s employees to accurate service policies and create a workplace environment where employees are encouraged to grow and explore new heights of success.
Logistic Department :
This department is PINNACLE’s central power house, available 24 x 7 and 365 days of the year. Their expertise in handling supplies to patients and doctors in an extremely efficient & prompt manner ensures that the right products are supplied to right customers at right time, every time.

Finance Department
This department is the HEART of the corporation taking special care of PINNACLE’s inflow & outflow of funds that lubricates the business functionalities. Essentially managing and forecasting market trends to secure and plan PINNACLE’s growth in the Surgical Device Market.
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