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Gulshan Bakhtiani, the Director of the company, a science graduate with 26 years experience in Pharmaceutical and surgical device retailing & distribution. He heads the company with Passion & Zeal and strongly believes that values & methods are pivotal for a successful organization.

Dr. Anita Bakhtiani a medical graduate by profession who briefly practiced medicine until intrapersonal instincts took over. With the company since 2003, Anita has been instrumental in vastly transforming the team through scientific training, introducing employee friendly policies and creating a responsive workplace where employees are encouraged to explore new heights.

Mohan Chavan a self made man who is proud of his journey from his humble beginnings to enjoying excellent acquaintances with policy makers in government bodies and the pharmaceutical industry. He leads and manages the tenders & government dealings of the company.  He is recognized as a leader for his effortlessness & forthrightness.

Kawalneet Singh Ghai with a Diploma in Pharmacy and 15 years of hard core selling experience, Kawalneet is the youngest member in the management team. He leads the sales & marketing team. He is attentive, assertive, self-assured and enjoys leading by example. He encourages his team making them as target oriented as he is. As a leader he has nurtured, trained & developed a highly successful marketing & sales team.

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